Digital Marketing for Piano Teachers

One of the most important things that a piano teacher can do to get more students is to do their own digital marketing. You could hire a digital marketer to do this for you, but you’re going to spend a lot of money. At the Beethoven Piano Project online, we came up with several tips and tricks for you to do your own digital marketing.

Build a Website For Your Piano Studio and Start Doing Basic SEO

Research has shown that most people who search for piano teachers go straight to Google. This is the first step of the process. They often look for musical instrument stores in order to get a recommend. However, if your piano studio website has been around for a little bit longer, you’re probably going to rank pretty high in local searches and savvy parents and prospective piano students will go to your website rather than soliciting a direct recommendation.

We highly recommend doing your own SEO on the website. We did some SEO research on a local piano teacher and found that her website ranked #2 on Google for “piano lessons salt lake city.” This is great for someone who is a local piano teacher and has a small studio. When we looked at her website, we found that Salt Lake City and piano lessons were mentioned in her meta description and her homepage. If you are ranking #2 on Google for a city, you are going to get some traffic for your piano studio.

One of the things that you should do as a piano teacher is feature your own performances on your website. Make some teaching videos and some performance videos and make sure that these are included as their own page.

Another helpful thing is that people will start linking to your videos and teaching resources that you build on your website. If you keep it around for a couple of years, you will find that your website’s power increases dramatically.

Make Social Media Platforms For Your Piano Studio and Get Engaged

One of the most important things to succeed in the digital marketing space as a piano teacher is to get started on social media. You will need the following:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn

The power of Facebook is that you can point your business page at your website. You can start posting things about playing the piano, videos of different piano lessons and performances, and answering questions. Facebook also lets you do advertising. You can have a banner ad that gets people to sign up for piano lessons. This is a cheap and easy way to supplement your “word of mouth” referral for piano students.

Another thing that you can do is set up a Twitter account for your piano studio. Twitter doesn’t have the same power as Facebook, but is a great resource for sharing videos, blogs, and quick piano playing tips with people who you might encounter on social media.

Google+ and the Google My Business process will let your piano studio show up on maps. So when someone Google’s “piano teacher Salt Lake City” and you’re #1 on the search, people will see your website link, your Google+ profile with reviews, and your contact information.

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn! LinkedIn has about 60,000 piano teachers (we know, because we used this for an advertising campaign that we did with the Beethoven Piano Project). With LinkedIn, you can join groups. We had a great conversion rate and were able to get qualified piano students to join our piano listing.

The next important thing that we have to stress on social media when you want to stay engaged is to post regularly. Make sure that you post helpful tips for people who are trying to learn the piano. We recommend not posting too often to outright promote your studio. We also recommend posting infographics, videos, and photos, in addition to text-based posts. You can also do some fun posts now and then. Here is an example of a photo that will help you engage prospective piano students (this picture might not be something tailored for young people, but an older demographic of students who are looking for students just for fun).

Infographics are a great thing to share on social media and they will also bring a lot of traffic to your website. Here is a great infographic that we found for practicing scales. If you Tweet this or post it on Facebook, it’s bound to get a ton of engagement from your followers:

Start Getting Links and Creating Linkable Content

As a piano teacher, you are the expert on the instrument that you teach. You should blog on a regular basis. One of the things that we have found, from a digital marketing perspective, is that great content gets shared. When you create great content, like on how to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, people will link to it. You can do this in blogs. Do an analysis of the piece, and create a video of a lesson plan showing your followers how to play it. We found a website for a piano teacher where someone showcased their piano performances and their teaching videos. We found that this website had several links to it, which is great for increasing your presence on Google.

Another thing that piano teachers can do is start getting into Wikipedia. If you have blogs or articles on your website that you can get into Wikipedia, get started! There are tons of pages out there where you can get onto Wikipedia. One of our wiki links came from an article we wrote on our website about Beethoven’s WoO 47.

Get Reviews For Your Piano Studio

By and far, the most important thing that you can do for your piano studio’s online presence is to ask for reviews. When people search for “piano teachers salt lake city” and see your #1 ranking, they will also see all of your 5-star reviews on Google! Your reviews from students and their parents will help you get more leads for you to grow your studio!

Hopefully, these tips have helped teach effective digital marketing for piano teachers. If you’d like to join our mailing list, get in our listing service, or get some students, let us know. We’ll be happy to help!

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