Finding a good piano teacher is a challenge for people of all ages. Whether you are a parent looking for lessons for your child or an adult wanting lessons, the Beethoven Piano Project wants to give you some good tips for finding lessons. Let us help you find a piano teacher near you to help bring our your inner passion.

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Finding the Right Piano Teacher – The Questions You Should Be Asking

Are Group Piano Lessons Effective?


I Know Nothing About the Piano…How Do I Find a Good Piano Teacher For My Child?


Is There a Particular Method That I Should Look for in a Piano Teacher?


How Much Should a Piano Teacher Cost?


What Time Should I Have My Lesson?


What Supplies Do I Need For Piano Lessons?


Will I Be Able To Play Tough Music Right Away?


Are Online Piano Lessons Effective?


Should I Find a Teacher Who Makes Me Do Recitals?


Do I Need My Own Piano?


Does the Beethoven Piano Project Have a Network of Piano Teachers?


WHERE Do I FInd a Piano Teacher?


The Right Age to Start Piano Lessons

A lot of people ask when the right age is to start piano lessons. For children, a lot of people recommend age 7. This is a good age for children to start to engage and harness their fine motor skills. Also, reading ability and attention are typically pretty well developed by this age.

A lot of piano teachers will start children at age 5 or age 6, but by the time the student is 8, they probably will be as good as the student that started at age 7.